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Admissions Get Started

Get Started

If you're serious about a career in recording, and ready to work towards your future in sound, then CRAS is the place for you.

CRAS students pose during the July 2014 Open House event
CRAS students pose during the July 2014 Open House event
Busy halls during the CRAS July 2014 Open House event
Busy halls during the CRAS July 2014 Open House event

Step 1

Complete Your Application

Complete the CRAS online Admissions application. If you have submitted an Admissions application and required documentation, have been interviewed, and accepted, move to the next step. If not, contact the admissions department at 1-800-562-6383.

What You'll Need for the Application:

  • Photo or PDF proof of high school or GED graduation
  • Educational background
  • Employment history (if applicable)
  • 2 non-family personal references
  • 2 emergency contacts/family resources

Step 2

Place Your Deposit

The next step is to place your deposit of $350.00 to secure a seat in a class.*

We accept online payment with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Visa debit card. If a credit card is not available, you may send a personal check, money order or cashier’s check to 1205 North Fiesta Blvd. Gilbert, AZ. 85233.

Once a deposit has been received, you will be assigned a Class Start Date and the Student Financial Services department can begin the process of determining your financial options and eligibility.

*An additional fee that is not part of the tuition payment could be charged for changing anticipated enrollment date.

Step 3

CRAS School Catalog

Download your CRAS School Catalog by using the link below. Look through this catalog and familiarize yourself with our policies, campus information, curriculum and more.

Step 4

Complete Enrollment Paperwork (Part 1)

To complete the Admissions portion of your enrollment guide, there are a few things you will need to accomplish. The first part is your Enrollment Agreement, which can be filled out with your Admissions Representative.

Schools with a requirement for students receiving Title IV funds to accept or agree to a pre-dispute arbitration agreement as a condition of enrollment, must make available to enrolled students, prospective students, and the public, a written plain language disclosure of those conditions of enrollment.

Conservatory Recording Arts and Sciences cannot require the borrower to participate in arbitration or any internal dispute resolution process offered by the institution prior to filing a borrower defense to repayment application with the Department pursuant to 685.206(e); the school cannot, in any way, require students to limit, relinquish, or waive their ability to pursue filing a borrower defense claim, pursuant to 685.206(e) at any time; and any arbitration, required by a pre-dispute arbitration agreement, tolls (pauses) the limitations period for filing a borrower defense to repayment application pursuant to 685.206(e)(6)(ii).

Step 5

Complete Enrollment Paperwork (Part 2)

The second part of your paperwork requirements is to fill out an Official Transcript Request Form. It’s imperative that we receive an “official transcript” proving your high school graduation or completion of your GED.

Step 6

Applying for Financial Aid

Step 6 begins the Financial Aid portion of your CRAS Enrollment. Please contact the Student Financial Services department to complete your Financial Aid.

Step 7

Educational Portal — CRAS Connect

To access Financial Aid Documentation, our Prep Courses, and your educational materials, all students must set up an account on CRASCONNECT2. This is our curriculum delivery system. To complete this section of your checklist here’s what you need to accomplish:

  1. You will create an account on www.crasconnect2.com
  2. You will need a valid GMAIL email address — Directions on this will be emailed to you.

Any questions, give us a call 1.800.562.6383

Step 8

Internet Requirement

Students must have Internet access established in their residence, prior to their Class Start Date Orientation. Students must be able to utilize CRASCONNECT3, while off-site. The Greater Phoenix Metro area has many Internet service providers, so please choose a provider that best fits your needs.

Step 9

Housing Ideas

Where will you live? That is a great question. Housing is affordable and readily available within close proximity of both the Tempe and Gilbert locations. Students who will be attending the CRAS will be in Arizona for approximately 36 weeks attending classes at both the Tempe and Gilbert locations. A student will start off at one location for 18 weeks and then transfer over to the other location to finish out the remaining 18 weeks.

There are a variety of apartments in the surrounding cities of both locations to meet every kind of need imaginable. CRAS refers students to Lori Coulter of Apartment & Home Solutions. 602-882-6030 (Direct). Please visit her site below for housing examples and amenities.

Here are other Housing Ideas below for helpful links and resources.

Step 10


Orientation consists of 2 (two) days on campus prior to your first full day of classes. Both days are Mandatory for new students.

Friday — Your Class Start Date

  • Please arrive at our Gilbert campus, 1205 North Fiesta Blvd., Gilbert, AZ 85233 no later than 12:00 PM MST
  • When you arrive, you will be given a packet of paperwork and we will be taking your pictures for your Student ID badges. By the end of the first day, you will know what your school schedule will be and what campus you will be starting at. You will be here until approx. 5:00 pm.
  • You will not have a lunch break on Friday, so please make sure you eat something before you arrive. We have vending machines here at the school as well in case you need a snack or a beverage. By the end of the day, you will have an armful of goodies, so bringing a backpack, bag, etc. wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Saturday — Laptop Orientation

  • You will need to arrive at the Gilbert campus no later than 9:30 am.
  • You will enter the campus through our After-Hours entrance so please pay attention to where this is located during Orientation.
  • You will be here a full day (until about 6:00 pm) and lunch will be provided for you.

Both days of Orientation are mandatory. Your first official day of class will be the following Monday on your assigned campus!

For any questions regarding this process, please contact the Admissions department.

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