Learn five focuses of the recording arts at CRAS:

Campuses Gilbert Campus

Gilbert Campus

Our satellite audio recording facility is located in Gilbert, Arizona, eight miles southeast of Tempe via US60. Gilbert residents enjoy similar recreational activities as their Tempe counterparts.

Studio A

Our flagship recording environment. Studio A features an SSL 4000 Series console, the industry standard “large format board.”

During the day, Studio A is used for classes and band clinics. At night, it can be reserved for individual projects, giving students the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in a real-world studio-recording environment.

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Pro Tools HD

Outboard Gear:

Lexicon PCM 92

Yamaha SPX 90

Yamaha SPX 900

Lexicon MX400

TC Electronic M3000

Yamaha Rev 7

Roland SDE 2500

TC Electronic S6000

UA 1176LN

UA 1176 Blue Stripe

Teletronix LA 2A (X2)

Urei LA4 (X2)

Empirical Labs EL8 (X2)

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

Groove Tubes SuPRE

Empirical Labs EL500

Radial Power PRE


Furman PM8

Furman SMP+

Studio C

CRAS Studio C offers a medium sized space that is perfect for recording drums, a band or even a small orchestral ensemble.

Studio C features an API Legacy Plus console, 24-track analog tape recorders and a range of outboard gear. API Legacy consoles have been a standard for generations of engineers who have used them to record artists as diverse as the US Army band to the Shins and Morrissey.

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API Legacy Plus


Pro Tools HD

Tape Machine:

Otari MTR-90

192 I/O

96 I/O

Outboard Gear:

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

DBX 160 XT

DBX 160

UA 2-1176

Eventide H3000SE

Presonus ACP88

DBX Project 1 Expander/Gate 274

Lexicon PCM80

TC Electronics M3000

Furman PM8

Terry’s LA2A clone

Lexicon MX400

TC Electronics Fireworx

TC Electronics D two

Yamaha Rev 7

Furman PL-8

Studio E

Studio E, or the Broadcast Center, is the newest studio addition at CRAS. Broadcast Audio focuses on the opportunities and workflows and technologies that are specific to live television broadcast.

Students will gain an extensive understanding of the important role that communications systems have and get hands on experience with the industry standard RTS line of communications products, including configuration of the system using AZ Edit software installed on their laptop computer.

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Studer Vista 9

Outboard Gear:

RTS KP32 (X4)

Tripplite Power Conditioner (X2)

RTS KP12 (X3)


TC Electronics M5000

Furman M8X

RTS TIF 2000a

Live Sound Venue

In our purpose-built Live Sound Venue, students are given instruction and hands-on training on large line array speaker systems. They also learn how to use software to tune and manage these systems in their various environments.

The CRAS Live Sound Venue features professional lighting and staging. Covering 6,000 sq/ft, the Venue’s audio centers around the L-Acoustic Kudo System — the same system that is set up in the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, Hard Rock Live in Orlando and Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Michigan.

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Avid Digidesign Venue D-Show

Midas M-32

Yamaha MG16 (X2)

Calrec Sigma 100


Pro Tools HD

Tape Machine:

Alesis ADAT HD24

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

Outboard Gear:

DBX 231S (X4)

Behringer FX2000 (X2)

Aphex 612 (X4)

Aphex 651 (x4)


DBX Drive Rack PA 2

L’Acoustics LA8 (X6)

PRX 712 (X4)

Behringer TI952

Mixdown Lab

Each of the CRAS Mixdown stations is a complete “studio-unit” featuring a mixer, with advanced routing and signal processing, busses, aux sends and grouping functions.

These workstations also include a selection of processors, gates, limiters and a patch bay. Like all CRAS facilities, the Mixdown labs are open 24/7 so students can practice and learn at their own pace.

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Allen and Heath GL 2400 24x4x2 (x6)

TC Electronics M 3000

Samson 4 Channel S-Gate

Behringer Composer Pro-XL MD 2600

Studio B

Studio B is where students get their initiation into the concepts and mechanics of large format recording consoles.

The Studio B Neotek Elite console is particularly suited to help students understand and learn the variety of challenges they will face in today’s varied, professional audio environments.

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Neotek Elite

Tape Machine:

Otari MTR-90

Motu 16A (X2)


Pro Tools Native

Outboard Gear:

Lexicon LPX15

Lexicon PCM80

TC Electronics M3000

Yamaha SPX-900

Lexicon MX400

Urei LA4

DBX 166A

DBX 166

DBX 160 XT

DBX 165A

Behringer MDX2600 (X2)

Drawmer DS201 Dual

Alesis Masterlink ML9600

SM Pro Audio PR8

O.S.A. MP1 (X4)

AP Audio Master Patching System

Furman PM8

Studio D

Post production surround sound for film, and video game audio is taught in CRAS Studio D, a production environment centered around integrating music, effects and sounds into various media.

Studio D features the same audio monitoring system as studios like Skywalker Sound and Chase Productions. And is the only school where students can learn Audiokenetic WWISE software – the standard of the video game industry.

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Avid S6


Pro Tools HD

Tape Machine:

192 I/O

96 I/O

Outboard Gear:

TC Electronics S6000

Roland XV5080

Alesis D4

Emagic AMT8

Korg Triton LE

MX0404 HDMI Router

Pioneer DVD DV-34A

Emagic AMT8

UPS Pro 1500


Crown CT4150

CSE 07


Mobile Broadcast Unit

Our 42’ Mobile Audio Unit is a hands-on environment where students gain an extensive understanding of the important role that communications systems play in the broadcast industry.

As the Mobile Audio Unit is deployed at real, live music and professional sporting events, students learn and gain confidence about the intricacies and on the spot decision-making required of a broadcast engineer.

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Studer Vista 5

Outboard Gear:

RTS KP32 (X3)

Tripplite Power Conditioner (X2)

RTS KP12 (X3)

Crown 4150

Intonado 24

Mic Locker

The CRAS mic locker rivals and even exceeds the variety of models and types found at many major recording studios.

Microphones are the “ears” of the recording process. Large and small condenser, dynamic, ribbons… At CRAS, students learn about and use a broad selection of the most sought after and widely used studio and stage microphones.

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AKG D112

AKG C 1000 (x2)

AKG 451 E Omni

AKG 451 E Cardioid


AKG C1000S


Apex 460

Audio-Technica AE3000

Audio-Technica AE5100

Audio-Technica AT3525

Audio-Technica AT4031

Audio-Technica AT4041

Audio-Technica AT4047

Audio-Technica AT4051

Audio-Technica AT4050

Audio-Technica AT4060

Audio-Technica ATM23HE

Audio-Technica ATM25

Audio-Technica AT33a

Audio-Technica AT41HE

Audio-Technica AT61HE

Audio-Technica ATM450

Audix D2

Avlex AVS20

Avlex AVS21

Avlex AVS22

Avlex AVS77

Avlex CI35

Beyerdynamic M-88

Blue Ball

Blue Blue Bird

Blue Omni Mouse

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Rocket Stage 1 B0 Capsules

CAD Equitek E100

CAD M9 Tube

Earthworks TC30K

Electro-Voice RE-20

Groove Tubes AM30

Groove Tubes AM40

Groove Tubes VELO-8T

Groove Tubes 1B

Heil PR-30

Heil PR-40

Holophone H3-D

Marshall MXL-2001

Nady TCM-1050

Neumann TLM103

Neumann TLM127

Neumann U87

Neumann U87i

Neumann U89

Neumann M147

Octava MC-012

Octava ML-19

Peavey PVM-520

Realistic 33-922

Rode NT1

Rode NT3

Rode NTK

Rode NT4

Rode NT1000

Royer SF-24

SE Electronics SE 2A

SE Electronics SE 3

SE Electronics Gemini*

SE Electronics SE 2200 A

SE Electronics Z 5600 A

Sennheiser e602

Sennheiser e609

Sennheiser MD 504

Sennheiser MD 421

Sennheiser MD 441

Shure 849

Shure KSM 32

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Shure SM81

Shure Beta 52

Shure Beta 57

Shure Beta 98


Studio Projects LSD 2

Superlux CM-H8A

Superlux ECO-H6A

Telefunken Copperhead CU29

Telefunken M80

Telefunken ELA M 260 Stereo

Telefunken ELA M 260 Tri Set


Yamaha SKRM100 Sub-Kick

Behringer Red Direct Box (Active)

Behringer D120 2-Way Direct Box (Active)

Countryman Direct Box (Active)

Director Direct Box (Passive)

Groove Tubes The Brick Direct Box (Active)

Inline Audio Direct Box (Active)

Klark-Teknik Direct Box (Active)

Rapco Direct Box (Passive)

Radial JDV Direct Box (Active)

Radial JDI Direct Box (Passive)

Silver Direct Box (Active)

Whirlwind Direct Box (Passive)

Project Office

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Outboard Rack:

Macbook Pro

Panasonic DVD S-25

SM Pro Audio PR8

Line 6 Pro Pod

Digidesign 002 Rack

Presonus Eureka Pre Channel Strip

Behringer Composer MDX 2100

Emagic Unitor8

Behringer Composer Pro XL MDX 2600 (X2)

Behringer Ultragain Pro8 ADA 8000

Alesis D4

Yamaha SPX90

Sony Record Player

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