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The CRAS Faculty is Composed of Experienced Instructors

The everyday benchmark of your CRAS experience is our faculty.

A great source of pride, this diverse group of industry professionals has produced and engineered a collective body of work that includes; platinum, gold and Grammy award winning albums, soundtracks for movies and TV, video game soundscapes and corporate audio environments… in numbers and in genres too numerous to mention individually.

“CRAS is fast-paced, and the knowledge of the individual instructors is very diverse. It’s a hands-on learning atmosphere that I can relate to.”

— Janna (CRAS Alum)

“CRAS' small classes mean more time on gear, and more time with instructors. The curriculum is more artistically well-rounded than others who mostly teach you to become a software technician.”

— Aaron (CRAS Alum)

Ryan Baker

Live Sound Instructor / Music Production Instructor

“When students grasp concepts and get excited about audio engineering, I take pride in the fact that I have helped them get one step closer to success in an always expanding evolving industry.”

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Ryan has been involved in recording since the early 90’s. In addition to audio, Ryan has studied art, film and video, and has a degree in business. His main focus as a CRAS instructor is teaching how to use Pro Tools in a remote (live) recording setting. Ryan is also heavily involved in the CRAS Live Sound curriculum.

Outside of CRAS Ryan has worked on audio for video games, production audio, marketing for record labels, on-location/remote recording and studio recording. Ryan also works as a professional artist specializing in oil, watercolor and acrylic painting, and 3D digital matte painting.

John Berry

Audio Business Instructor

“I’ve been blessed with a rewarding career – performing, composing, touring, writing and teaching. But I feel that the most important thing I’ve ever done is teach at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (for over 20 years now). It’s my chance to give students a priceless treasure – knowledge that would otherwise take them decades to learn the hard way. For me, this is all about the students, and it’s my passion!”

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John Berry is a former Artist-in-Residence and Director of Jazz Studies at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. He is a major composer and arranger of jazz ensemble music, with some 600 of his works published by Hal Leonard, Kendor Music, and Jenson Publications. John spent ten years with the U.S. Army’s famed Jazz Ambassadors as assistant director, chief arranger, and bass trombonist. His 160-page book, The Jazz Ensemble Director’s Handbook (published by Hal Leonard) has been selling internationally for 20 years. Mr. Berry holds a Bachelors Degree (BA) in Communications, a Masters Degree (MA) in Human Resources and has taught at Arizona State University, Indiana University, Mesa Community College and Ottawa University in Phoenix, AZ.

Mark Brisbane

Music Production Instructor / Pro Tools Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

“It’s an honor to ‘pay it forward!’ To share my experiences and see the students excel, is what it’s all about!”

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Early in Mark’s career he worked for one of Hollywood’s most prolific movie-score composers, Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more). Mark then went on to work for two of Hans’ staff composers, Trevor Morris and James Dooley as their music technical assistant. While employed at Hans’ facility, Remote Control, Mark worked on such film blockbusters as Madagascar and The Ring 2. Hans suggested that Mark give film composition a try and Mark has been involved in film music ever since, co-composing the score for the SYFY original film, Eyeborgs.

Along with his position at CRAS, Mark is a well-rounded musician who has studied jazz, country, rock and blues guitar with top pros the Los Angeles area. He also works as a session guitar player and freelance engineer.

Terry Bussoletti

Music Production Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

"I love going to work at CRAS knowing that I’m surrounded by students and faculty who have a passion for music, and how it’s made…”

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Terry has spent over 25 years in Phoenix working as a pro-audio repair technician where he is certified for many of the largest musical equipment manufacturers in the country. He also works as a professional musician and is a co-founder of the Desert Gumbo Band, with which he still performs. Terry has earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Education from Penn State University and an Associates of Applied Sciences Degree (A.A.S.) in Electronic Engineering Technology from Mesa Community College.

Terry is a member of the Pi Lambda Theta International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education, and currently has his own business-Pro Audio Repair, specializing in the repair and modification of tube amplifiers.

Zach Duncan

Music Production Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

“My passion for making people’s vision become a tangible thing you can look at and listen to is only surpassed by playing a part in helping others be able to do the same.”

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Zach’s interest in audio began by playing in bands, doing home recordings, and always having a passion for sound in Film and Television. He attended The University of Toledo in Toledo, OH in 2003 where he predominantly studied Video Production and Television Studio Operation. It was not in him to have this love for video and not have the audio side of things covered, so he attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2008. After graduating from the Conservatory, Zach went on to work at.

After graduating from the Conservatory, Zach went on to work at Studio Chicago in Chicago, IL where he started as a runner, eventually working up to assisting and engineering sessions. Zach has worked on recordings in a variety of styles ranging from hip-hop to ambient noise. Outside of teaching at CRAS, Zach does freelance audio and video gigs in addition to teaching classes at the Conservatory. In addition, Zach is CRAS’ primary Final Cut video editor.

Christopher M. Gough

Musical Director

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Chris is a composer and sound designer for many national television and radio advertising campaigns, including Southwest Airlines and Trailways. He has served as a songwriter, musician, arranger, and producer of dozens of albums. Mr. Gough was bestowed the Best Song Award for his work on the WKDB compilation 375 East of LA. He is a Gold Medal Award winner in film scoring at the International Film & TV Festival of New York, and is one of the first Avid/Digidesign Certified Tools Instructors in the world. Mr. Gough holds a Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Music from Loyola University, and is among the most sought-after session musicians in the Southwest.

Jeff Harris

Audio Recording & Production Instructor

“The collective Industry knowledge and experience of our instructors and staff creates a unique real-world learning environment for our students.”

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Jeff Harris is an industry veteran with over 40 years of experience. Jeff’s industry involvement began at the renown Record Plant Studios in New York in the early 70s. He then traveled to Los Angeles, and during a 18 year tenure at The Village Recorder, served as Supervisor of Electronic Studio Maintenance, Chief Recording Engineer, and General Manager. He was a US sales engineer with Fairlight Instruments of Australia marketing the world’s first audio sampling computer keyboard system. Additional work as an Industry consultant followed with a move to Seattle. Jeff ultimately settled in Arizona in 1991 where he operates Artefact Studio Services, a studio design and consulting firm servicing studios in the greater Phoenix area. He is also in demand as an independent engineer. For 16 years Jeff has worked at The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences as an instructor and is currently the Technical Department Manager overseeing the operations of ten recording studios and the broadcast audio facilities. Jeff is a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Audio Engineering Society.

His credits include Animation’s “Obsession”, Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”, Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer), Ian Hunter, Weird Al Yankovic, Herbie Hancock, Muhammad Ali, Bernard Lavilliers, The Phoenix Symphony, Wayman Tisdal, The Kingston Trio, Paul Cotton of (Poco), Esteban, Warren Zevon and George Benson. In the realm of film, he has been involved with sound design for Disney’s “Tron”, “The Seventh Sign” with Demi Moore, and Stephen King’s “Creepshow”. His television postproduction work includes many national commercials and the 1988 ABC Network Fall Campaign.

Brandon Hickey

Music Production Instructor

“There is nothing more exciting than engineering a solution when everyone says it’s impossible. I love sharing those experiences and unlocking that potential in fresh, new engineers.”

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From an early age, Brandon started playing around with whatever microphones, tape recorders and musical gadgets he could find. By the time he was in high school, he was playing guitar and making trips to studios to have his band recorded. Always a perfectionist, and unsatisfied with the recordings that they would come away with, he realized that he should be handling the recording and mixing himself and began engineering solutions for low budget recordings of his and other bands. An early career move was working at Studio Chicago, where he honed his skills and gained knowledge. Brandon’s freelance recordings were pushed to the next level and eventually, he was able to recognize his true calling in sound for film.

Besides his instructor duties at CRAS, Brandon spends his time working on independent film projects. He shares his insight into that world teaching audio Post Production and surround sound and continues to write, play, record, and mix music, as well as contributing gear reviews to Mix Magazine.

David Labounty

Music Production Instructor

“Seeing students grasp concepts and then use those concepts to record in the studio is the most rewarding experience… it happens everyday.”

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A guitar player since his teens, David LaBounty has performed and engineered with Great Atomic Power, Lik Shotz, and The Atomic Zeroes. Before instructing at CRAS Dave worked with an A/V company and as an instrument technician. David is also a veteran guitar luthier. His most exciting experience was touring as a tech with noted jazz bassist Wayman Tisdale. Since starting with CRAS in 1998, his own studio has grown and now accommodates many local acts, ranging in styles from Country to Hip-Hop.

Keith Morris

Live Sound Instructor

“The students coming through CRAS will learn more in 11 months than it took me 11 years to figure out on my own.”

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Keith has spent the last 30 years in many different rolls in the audio business. Starting in the 1980’s as owner of ESP Sound & Lighting he provided sound and lighting systems for concert acts such as Pantera, Tool, Peter Frampton, and hundreds of other top touring bands. ESP also designed and installed many sound systems for churches, night clubs, and lecture halls like; Lattie F. Coor Auditorium at ASU, Sikh Darma Temple of Phoenix, Radiant Church, Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar” in Phoenix, The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and many, many more. Morris served as front of house (FOH) engineer for the band UFO and also mixed their Werewolf’s In London live CD. Keith has also engineered Front of House for the Michael Schenker Group and John Norum (former guitarist for the band Europe) and Force it Live in Japan.

Phillip Nichols

Curriculum Development Coordinator

“Being an instructor at CRAS means more than just passing information along, it means being a mentor and a source of inspiration, answers, and advice.”

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Originally from Northern California, Phillip Nichols has been working with Pro Tools and other DAWs since 2002. He has worked with artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Robert Cray, The Killers, Keaton Simons, Michelle Branch, Smashmouth, and The Lovemakers.

He specializes in studio music production and Pro Tools systems. A self-admitted “audio addict” with a particular weakness for old tube amps, Phillip has a strong passion for technology, music and his students’ success. He teaches Pro Tools software and analog console classes, and engineers for independent artists such as Anita|Exira, Eilum Grey, and D-Eazy.

Glen O'Hara

Audio Business Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

“Today, more than ever, it’s a “freelance” music industry; which is quite the advantage for CRAS graduates.”

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Starting at SoundMaster Recording in Chicago back in 1971, Glen is in his fifth decade in the music/recording industry. “Back then, we had an 8-track Scully tape machine, and thought we died and went to heaven! Working with gear and microphones now viewed as ‘vintage’… It was great!”

Glen started his own label back in the ‘90s, which focused on 5.1 channel, surround music. During this period he garnered much personal experience in contracts, distribution, copyright, trademark, and many other topics that Glen teaches today in the CRAS Audio Business Department. Glen is a US Naval Air veteran, involved with underwater acoustics – a fascinating tangent dealing with properties of sound underwater.

Nancy Scharlau-Murman

Music Production Instructor

“In the classroom I try to relate as much information to the real world as possible. I want our graduates to be prepared to step into entry-level jobs with the right skills to take it to the next level.”

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Nancy Scharlau is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Her passion for recording live music eventually led her to relocate to San Francisco where she worked as a staff assistant / engineer for six years at Different Fur Recording. While in the Bay Area, Nancy had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of artists including, George Winston, Primus, Faith No More, Bobby McFerrin, Thomas Dolby and Henry Butler. She is also the owner and operator of Joey Mobile Recording.

Nancy brings 20+ years of engineering experience to her students, and says, “The audio industry is always changing so I find it very exciting to be in a continuous learning cycle. As soon as I learn something new I can’t wait to pass it along to the students.”

Kris Yancey

Audio Business Instructor

“Working as a teacher at the CRAS affords me a rare opportunity to teach students in an environment that unequivocally prepares them for the ‘real world’ of audio engineering. Rarer still, my role as a teacher affords me to not only teach them about that ‘real world,’ but how to conduct themselves in it without forsaking humility, respect, or honor.”

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Before attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, Kris studied at the University of Arizona and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Arts with an emphasis in sound. During his time at the University of Arizona, Kris was heavily involved in radio, having worked at 1570AM KAMP Student Radio, as well as 92.1 KFMA (modern rock), 96.1 KLPX (classic rock), and 91.3 KXCI (independent community) in Tucson, AZ. At KAMP, Kris worked as Human Resources Director and Metal Music Director for the station for 2 years, and on-air talent for 3 years, hosting a daily, 2-hour metal music show on the station. Kris has also worked as a journalist for metal music publications Metal Review (now Last Rites), Teeth of the Divine, and Deadtide, having interviewed a wide variety of artists including Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Skeletonwitch, and Nile, among many others. Kris has also worked on various film projects as a sound designer and dialogue editor, and currently teaches for the Audio Business department at the Conservatory.

Catherine Vericolli

Music Production Instructor

“The audio industry is a people industry before it’s technical industry, and the human element of any recording, mixing, or production environment is pivotal to the successes of all those involved. Not only is the classroom the perfect place to provide a foundation for building these relationships through education, it’s also a perfect forum to express their importance.”

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Catherine is the founder and owner of Fivethirteen Recording in Tempe, AZ. Since it’s opening in 2006, she’s been the studio’s co-designer, manager, general tech, and staff engineer, while dedicating most of her work to keeping the traditional analog recording process alive in the desert. Grown out of local homestead roots, her studio is now a stop off for touring nationals and international bands, guest engineers, and home for the occasional film score. Fivethirteen is also one of Arizona’s premier mixing destinations. Catherine co-edits and is a contributing writer for Pink Noise Magazine, an online pro audio publication dedicated to supporting women in audio, and increasing the diversity and intellectual tradition of the practice of record making. She’s been featured in various pro audio publications, and is a regular guest speaker on audio related panels across the country. Catherine graduated from CRAS in 2004, and joined the CRAS teaching staff in 2015.

Robert Brock

Campus Director / Director of Education / Music Production Instructor

“There’s nothing more gratifying than helping someone break-down technological barriers so that they can realize their creative goals.“

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Robert Brock has worked at the Conservatory since 1992. Brock serves as the Core Technologies department director and splits his time between classroom instruction and curriculum development. He is deeply involved in the support and continued development of the game audio and television broadcast audio production classes. As an augmentation to these classes, Brock led the development of manufacturer training and certification websites for Studer Vista series digital audio consoles and Audiokinetic’s Wwise game audio integration software–educational resources used by professionals around the world. Brock also spearheaded CRAS’s award winning 1 to 1 laptop program which is just one example of his passion for seeking out ways to positively impact CRAS’s learning environment and to create new opportunities for its students and graduates.

Brock is contracted with Apple Inc. as a Logic Pro mentor trainer for which he has travelled worldwide, training instructors, resellers and end-users. As a writer he has contributed articles to audio trade magazines and has contributed in both editorial and authorship roles for the Logic and Soundtrack Pro Apple Pro Training Series books published by Peachpit Press. In 2009 Brock was honored by being selected as an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator) and served on the ADE advisory board for five years. He continues to work as an engineer, producer and audio consultant in addition to regularly performing as an accomplished keyboard player.

James Bender

Live Sound Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

“The school speaks for itself. As an instructor, our students’ success (gold and platinum selling records, Grammy nominations, Concert Sound engineers and Post Production awards) is a testament to my wonderful co-workers ability to prepare our alumni to go out and learn, produce and realize their dreams.”

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Jim is highly qualified in a number of areas including audio, video, and installation. He holds a degree in Electronics and has a variety of experiences in many aspects of the entertainment industry. Jim has spent the majority of his live sound career in “Monitor Land” for the likes of the Dixie Dregs, Dave Koz, and George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars among others. He spent 6 years away from music in project management and installation technology for a large audio/video systems firm and now directs his energies toward perfecting his skills and sharing information and his passion for the music industry as a CRAS instructor. Jim also owns and operates a DAW-based studio in Arizona.

Peter Bish

Live Sound Instructor

“Teaching at CRAS gives me the ability to help people NOT make the mistakes that most of us have made when we started.”

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Pete is a sound designer and engineer who has been based out of Phoenix since 1993. He is the Resident Sound Designer for Southwest Shakespeare as well as Stray Cat Theatre and Greasepaint Scottsdale Youth Theatre. He has worked with most of the theatre companies here in the valley including Phoenix Theatre, Actors Theatre, Hale Theatre, A/C Theatre Company, Nearly Naked Theatre, Arizona Opera, and Childsplay just to name a few.

He has received several regional theatre awards and nominations for Sound and Set design, several National Youth Theatre Awards for sound design and 2 Broadwayworld awards for Sound Design.

Bobby Frasier

Music Production Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

“I emphasize that almost anybody can learn to set up the equipment to make a recording; it’s the inter-personal relationships and communication with your artists that will set the stage for high-art to happen. These human skills will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.”

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Bobby has worked in virtually every aspect of professional audio. He was first attracted to the musical arts at a very early age, starting with guitar lessons at age 8. By age 12 he was in the recording studio doing television commercials. At age 14 he was playing professionally in a rock & roll band. Having spent many hours in recording studios, making demos, making records, sitting next to recording engineers & producers, it was a natural progression to enter into full-time audio production at age 28.

Some of Frasier’s credits include working with Lyle Lovett, Del Shannon, Al Casey, Hal Blaine, Thinline, Paul Sabu, Skip Saylor, Doc Severinson, Skitch Henderson, Midori, Billy Williams, Lee Hazelwood, Joshua Bell, Snuff Garrett, Bill Conti, and many others. Frasier moved into the world of audio manufacturing, working for the #1 recording console company in the world, Solid State Logic. He then went on to work at Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Corporation as National Digital Audio Specialist, Alesis Corp. as Technical Training Manager & Yamaha Pro Audio as National Account Manager.

After living in Los Angeles for many years, Frasier returned to his native Phoenix, Arizona and took over a “few classes” at CRAS, at the bequest of Mr. Mike Jones who states, “Bobby’s extensive experience as a product specialist, doing public speaking at trade shows, and teaching people how to operate his manufacturer’s equipment made him a natural choice for the teaching environment. Plus, his extensive experience in high-pressure recording environments, made him a perfect fit for CRAS.”

Frasier still plays guitar on a regular basis, doing sessions and playing at local venues. His philosophy on the importance of music and craft are reflected in the values he emphasizes in the classroom.

Dave Kalberg

Music Production Instructor/Multimedia Technologies Instructor

“I try to make the classroom a relaxed and comfortable environment so it’s easier for students to learn and retain information.”

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Dave has over two decades of experience in recording, live sound, AV integration and video game production. He has played the guitar and has been an avid gamer since the age of eight. Dave’s love for video games began before the age of PONG, when he would play and create games on his Dad’s Apple IIe+ and Atari800 computers. His live experience includes touring as a musician and running audio for bands. During his career he worked as a Front Of House (FOH) engineer for many clients such as Merv Griffin, Jack Sheldon, GAP Fashion, Victoria’s Secret, the Johnny Walker Tasting Tour and Thrivent Financial. He’s also done custom AV integration and built video conferencing and “smart” rooms for corporate clients Alliance Medical and Equifirst.

Dave’s engineering credits include CDs for the bands Session 3, Hip Graffiti and Ties. Dave brings his passion and energy for audio engineering into the classroom where he teaches the Video Game Audio, Mastering, SSL, and Intro to Audio Recording & Production classes.

David Kohr

Music Production Instructor

“I am an Instructor and the Faculty co-advisor to our Student Chapter of AES (Audio Engineering Society) here at CRAS. I love being able to help others understand the Art of Audio Engineering.”

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David has been working at CRAS since 2014. In addition to teaching Pro Tools and Core Technologies, David is the Faculty Liaison for the CRAS Student Audio Engineering Society – the most active student chapter in the country. With AES, David helps students hold weekly meetings, events, gear builds, guest speakers, studio tours and more!

Jared Kvitka

Music Production Instructor

“I enjoy imparting my knowledge and experience with the next generation of audio professionals. After understanding the science they can focus on the art form.”

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Jared has been working in the music industry for over fourteen years. While studying Music and Business at Tulane University in New Orleans, he worked as an Intern for Nothing Studios followed by Piety Street Recording. In 2005 he moved to Los Angeles where he was manager and head engineer at a private studio in Malibu. Jared has been fortunate to work with great producers and engineers including: Rick Rubin, Kevin Shirley, Andrew Scheps, and Ryan Hewitt. He engineered the Grammy Award winning Iron Maiden album The Final Frontier, and the 2014 Grammy nominated album Seesaw by Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart. He has also mixed music used in movie trailers such as Iron Man 3 and Pirates of The Caribbean.

Other credits include Metallica, Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, and The Matches. He produces and mixes projects in his private studio while also continuing to work with producer Kevin Shirley in Los Angeles.

Alan Leggett

Music Production Instructor

“I love helping young talent and independent labels create a marketable product with great production and great sounds. At CRAS I get to see every student in their first week. I see their brains expand and their excitement build – and many months later I sometimes see their names on platinum records.”

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Prior to becoming an instructor at CRAS, Alan worked at Psyko Ranch Studios, as well as Conway Recording and El Dorado Studios in Los Angeles. He has worked on albums for a variety of artists including Marjorie Fair, Opiate for the Masses, Stevie Wonder, Britney Spears, Mya, Bad Religion, R. Kelly and The Game. In addition to his work at CRAS, Alan is an independent engineer and producer who has produced, engineered, and mixed works for independent artists and labels such as Rozaline, The City Speaks, Gemini Records, Goodbye to Pretty, Seed, Small Planet Audio, American Voodoo Records, Sunday Afternoon, Nhi, Vokél, After the Burn, The Spore, Outlaw Entertainment Group, Rising Pain, PC Music, Antidote, and Carbide.

Scott Murray

Music Production Instructor / Pro Tools Instructor

“I came to CRAS in 2009 to be involved with audio on a daily basis, and to help others learn the audio-craft.”

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Scott has been involved with various facets of audio recording and production for over 10 years. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles in 2002, he began working at Image Recording, which was at the time, Chris Lord Alge’s studio (Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and more…). Starting as a “runner,” Scott worked his way up to an office assistant position, learning the ropes of the studio environment along the way. After a few years embedded in the “mainstream music machine,” he branched out to do live sound at the Echo and Spaceland. Working at these venues introduced Scott to countless inspiring musicians, DJs, and promoters.

Scott began freelance engineering in 2007, doing national tours with Sea Wolf, Darker My Love, Film School, and the Eulogies. Also, when not on the road, he began recording and mixing live sessions for the Part Time Punks radio show (Broadcast on Los Angeles station KXLU).

Tony Nunes

Music Production Instructor / Manufacturer Liaison

“The quicker and better you understand the tools of the trade, the more transparent they become, allowing you to concentrate on making records!”

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At CRAS, Tony primarily teaches Solid State Logic large format console recording and mixing production along with theory and applications of dynamic processors. Tony became obsessed with recording his own music at an early age, and later he turned it into his career. While living in New York City, Tony worked at Classic Sound studios where he recorded orchestral and symphonic music, including sessions at the historic Carnegie Hall. Tony also worked on recordings for artists such as Ravi Shankar (Live at Carnegie Hall); André Previn (Live at the Jazz Standard); David Finck; Broadway musical writer William Finn and The MET Chamber Ensemble conducted by James Levine.

In Arizona, Tony has worked with a varied roster of artists like The Foo Fighters, Jessie McGuire Mel Brown and Evanescence, for whom he has done mixes for their Yahoo! Music Live Sets. Rounding off his resume, Tony has also done work for instrument manufacturers such as Fender Musical Instruments and Hughes & Kettner. He is also a contributing writer for Mix Magazine.

Cory Patterson

Multimedia Technologies Instructor

"Making a living working with music is great, and everyday I get to help my students achieve that goal.”

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Cory has worked as the head audio engineer for the Improv Comedy Club in Tempe, Arizona, where he recorded SNL’s Darrell Hammond, Comedy Central’s Carlos Mencia, actors Kevin Pollack and Nick Swardson, Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan and Celebrity Fit Club’s ANT among others. Aside from teaching at CRAS, Cory continues to work as a freelance audio engineer; this includes regular live sound duties at Alice Cooper’s Cooperstown. He also received credit on “Party” (Stand up Comedy Record) Nick Swardson/ Comedy Central Records & “Thin Pig” (Stand up Comedy Record) Todd Glass/ Comedy Central Records. Cory is certified in the operation of EAW’s Smaart software, Digidesign’s Pro Tools and the JBL VerTec line array audio system.

Before attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, Cory attended Northwest College in Wyoming, where he received an Associates degree in Music.

Gerald Schoenherr

Music Production Instructor / Core Technologies Instructor

"Audio engineering is a dance between science and art. The science can be taught and it’s my goal to make it as non-intimidating and easy to understand as possible. The art comes from the individual, and is informed by each individual engineers personal experience. That can’t be taught, but it can be shared. At CRAS I’m surrounded by people who know the same science, but because of their individual experiences each contribute something unique and exciting to the art of audio engineering.”

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Gerald’s first audio engineering gig was as the student engineer of his high school radio station. Since then, Gerald has worked at the Southern Folklife Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill as an audio restoration engineer and as Studio Manager and Assistant Engineer at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, AZ and has worked on sessions for a number of local artists including: The Ataris, Black Carl, Gospel Claws, Mergence, Psyphen, Safe Haven, Calabrese, Take Over And Destroy to name a few.

Jeff Thomas

Audio Recording & Production Instructor

“My relationship with CRAS has been a blessing in so many ways, not only has it allowed me to learn and grow as an engineer, but I have also been able to give students the tools to go out and achieve any level of success they desire. To me, watching them do that, is one of the best feelings in the world.”

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Jeff brings over a decade of major-label level experience to CRAS. Working with notable producers like David Foster, Trevor Horn, Nile Rodgers, and Tony Visconti, he has earned 7 Platinum and 3 Gold Records while engineering at such renowned Los Angeles studios as the Village Recorder, Royaltone, Sunset Sound, and Conway. Jeff won a Grammy working with legendary producer Quincy Jones. Jeff’s other engineering credits include Don Henley, Rod Stewart, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Peter Gabriel, Paula Abdul and the Rolling Stones.

Rick Allen

Music Production Instructor

“These are magical times to begin a career in sound. The many avenues to make a living with audio are expanding daily. I feel privileged to expose CRAS students to all the possibilities… and take my responsibility to prepare them for that journey personally.”

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Rick’s passion for post-production includes Foley, sound design and sound effects. He spends his time in his studio surrounded by gear (including his Moog modular system) creating sound design for custom projects and libraries. He also spends time out in the field collecting original sound effects. His credits include projects for Disney, Sony Pictures, HBO, American Express, and Cartoon Network.. You can hear the sounds he created for Sample Logic’s innovative software instrument, Assault, in Grand Theft Auto V. He’s lectured about audio at events at Dartmouth College and NAMM, and taught production at Indiana University. After speaking at a CRAS AES event, he was so impressed with the students that he asked if he could join what he considers to be an incredible team of educators at CRAS. You can find out more about Rick’s journey on his company’s web site: www.RickAllenCreative.com/about

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